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The death of a loved is the most difficult and emotional time of your life.  When a loved one passes away, family members are faced with a number of important decisions that must be made in a relatively short period of time.  It is our hope that the information provided below will assist you in your decision making.  Thank you for the trust and confidence you are placing in our Company.

It is our goal to:

Provide you with compassionate and professional service.

Present you with options available so that you can make informed and educated decisions concerning the loss of your loved one.

Assure you that our service does not end at the completion of the arrangement or when your loved one has reached it's final destination place.  We are committed to provide support and assistance.

About Us

When you call us, you are conducting business with a family owned and operated organization.  Today most Funeral and Cremation Providers are corporate owned and their purpose is to satisfy the shareholders. As a result of this, your family's needs may not be met and you are simply a number. The Love Family started this business in the later part of 2000 and continue to operate the business today.

You may be surprised to learn that most Funeral and Cremation Providers do not own and operate the Crematory where they engage in the Cremation Process.  Many will contract out to other facilities for their families who select cremation.  We are pleased to announce that we own and operate our Crematory A Bay Area Crematory.  This new facility is a state of the art facility.  It is monitored via cameras 24 hours a day along with highly computerized technology which powers the process. All of our operators have been trained in the classroom along with on the job training and been certified to operate the cremation equipment.   Please call and request a scheduled tour.   

We do not have a membership fee.  Many organizations require a fee to become a member of the Funeral or Cremation Provider. 

We are members of:

(CFDA)       California Funeral Director's Association

(CANA)      Cremation Association of North America

(ACC)         Association of California Cremationists

(ICCFA)      International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Director's Association

(CMT)        California Master Trust

(GWIC)      Great Western Insurance Company

Things to Think About

When you speak to one of our trained cremation counselors, we will discuss  the process from beginning to end.  Areas of which we will review in detail will consist of the following items:

-Obituary notices

-Notification to Social Security

-Visual identification

-Local delivery or out of town transfer of cremated remains

-Pre Cremation Container selection

-Urn selection

-Register book, prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, and memorial folders

-Military discharge papers (DD214 Form)